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Traditional Lebanese Bakery

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We have selected some of most popular items with some description .


Great Variety of savouries suitable for every taste, From Saida the southern city of Lebanon the name came for these items mixed with international flavours, carefully selected parts of chicken meat sliced in special way to observe the full taste during marination process, cooked on special hot plate and mixed with fresh vegetables then stuffed in our special dough and backed in our clay oven, a taste to remember.


Hand made on demand cake guarantees the freshness for every cake made at Pastry house top of market ingredients used to make our cake in many shapes colours and flavours.


Lebanese assorted Baklava

Baklava Origins. It is generally believed that the origins of baklava date back to 8th century BC Assyria (modern day regions of Lebanon, Turkey, and Egypt ). The Assyrians layered thin pieces of unleavened dough and filled them with nuts and honey

Fresh Bread

There are many tips of bread from soft white flour to whole meal flour to mixture of seeds and special typs eaten with Kunafa Daily freshly baked at our premises

Fresh Cream Kunafa

We at pastry house take extra care of our products, pastry house kunafa had been recommended the best in the market, we maintain the suitable serving temperature the right amount of syrup blending in the fresh cream between two layers of kunafa dough baked in butter oil.(daily Item)